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Insanity Instructor

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes   Let’s get our group fitness on! Don’t attend my local gym? No prob you can take my online classes. Below are the types of classes and times and the instructions on how to join CLASSES & TIMES:  Metkon Rx ( Metabolic conditioning, weights with a mix of  tabata & core) dumbbells and […]

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Booty Burner

Dumbbell Booty Builder

Dumbbell Booty Burner   Right now you are stuck inside and gyms are closed, thanks COVID-19. This workout uses your body weight, some medium to heavy dumbbells, sliders (you can use paper plates on wood floors) and a resistance band. You don’t need fancy equipment or tons of space. Listen, I bet you are sitting […]

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Barre Blend Results

Barre Blend Results I almost did not do this fitness program, therefore I almost missed out on Barre Blend. I’m a firm believer you have to enjoy your workout, although you may not love it. Some days you may not want to do it but in general you have to connect to that program. Our […]

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