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Morning Meltdown 100 results

Morning Meltdown 100 Results

Morning Meltdown 100 Results   I WANT MORNING MELTDOWN 100! If you have been following along on IG or FB or in my newsletters you know I completed Morning Meltdown 100 a fitness program made up of 100 workouts. It was FAST and FUN especially doing it along with my Virtual Fitness Community. So what […]

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HIIT cardio for fat loss

HIIT Cardio Workout For Fat Loss

HIIT Cardio For Fat Loss I just wrapped up 100 workouts, that post will be coming next week. You all these workouts were FUN. I love changing it up. If you follow me on Insta or Facebook then you know I love me some cardio, especially HIIT workouts whether its cardio or strength based. This […]

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GF Cookie Bites

Cookie Bar Bites

Cookie Bar Bites If you are a chocolate chip cookie lover (I mean who isn’t)! Okay this is a little twist on cookies and MAY be my new fave way to make them!!! Here is what you need for these bad boys: 2 egg whites (can use whole eggs) 1/2 cup almond butter 3/4 cup […]

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Leg workout for women

Leg Workout For Women MM100

Leg Workout For Women MM100   If there were 2 muscle groups I could train forever it would be shoulders and legs. I have been working with my Fit For Life group as we make our way through 100 workouts and complete the MM100. I am on the final phase and have been loving this […]

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Pumpkin Fudge Bread

Kale Junkie’s Pumpkin Bread

Kale Junkie’s Pumpkin Bread   I love finding new recipes especially on instagram. I always like to tweak recipes to fit my needs or to use what I have on hand if I don’t have all or the exact ingredients called for. Kale Junkie’s Pumpkin Fudge Bread version looked amazing so I had to try. […]

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Morning Meltdown 100

Cardio Meltdown MM100

Cardio Meltdown MM100   If you have been following along, my Fit For Life crew and I have been doing Morning Meltdown 100 This is workout 62/100 done ✅ Plowing right on through this program. Listen I crave routine. I love having a schedule and a plan to follow and I like that I can customize […]

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